Local & Global Community

From its earliest days, Kmart has been close to the communities in which it operates and on whose support it depends. We do this by building strong partnerships with individuals and organisations that help create better lives for disadvantaged Australian and New Zealand families. The Kmart community program is committed to supporting these organisations in their work. Here are some of the ways Kmart and its customers are supporting local communities. To learn how much money Kmart Community raises, please see Kmart's sustainability report.

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

Kmart’s Wishing Tree Appeal began in 1988 and since it began the Appeal has raised more than six million gifts that have been donated and distributed to those in need.

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Kmart's partnership program

Kmart is committed to assisting communities and those in need. We do this by partnering with local and global organisations whose networks enable our support to be directed where the need is greatest.

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Kmart Spare Change Coin Collection

Through donations made at collection boxes, customers have helped provide wonderful support to a range of community groups and charities.

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Local Community Investment Program and Product Donations

Each year Kmart supports hundreds of community groups with their fundraising. During the last twelve months products and gift cards were donated nationally to support schools, kindergartens and local community groups.

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