5 rainy day play ideas for kids!

Posted on June 21, 2015

5 Rainy Day Play Ideas For Kids!

Create an indoor oasis where imagination, creative play, fun, games and learning will keep little ones entertained all day long with these easy ideas…

1. Organise A Kids Tea Party
It may be grey skies outside, but that just makes ‘sunny side up’ tea parties even more fun! If your kids are capable, ask them to set the tea party up! Give them prompts (or challenges!), like setting the table with cutlery, plates, cups and napkins. Suggest they invite a few friends – their fave teddy loves a picnic!

2. Make A Puppet Show
Puppets are an all-time hit! Watch your little ones transform into creative story-tellers as they pull the strings with their own puppet show, finger puppets, or even shadow puppet play. Encourage them to get creative with their characters actions, feelings, voices, language, and prompt their storyline by asking questions – what will happen next?

3. Read Them Stories
Reading a story doesn’t have to be passive – ask the little ones what types of foods the hungry caterpillar likes to eat, or create role play scenarios using animal props as you read. Afterwards, invite them to retell their interpretation of the story, the scenes and the characters.

4. Play ‘Dance, Freeze’
For the ultimate indoor physical activity, pump up the music and get the kids dancing! When the music stops, they all have to freeze!

5. Try Not To Smile Game
The first child to smile loses the challenge! Nominate one person who’s job is to make the other kids laugh or smile. They can pull crazy faces, speak in a silly voice or tell funny jokes. They have two minutes to make as many of the other kids laugh as they can, without actually touching anyone. They’ll be in fits of giggles!

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