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Placing orders

How do I Search for an item online? Read more

How do I Place an order? Read more

How do I order a bulk quantity of an item? Read more

How can I pay? Read more

Can I use a gift card to shop online? Read more

Can I Layby Products Online? Read more


Click & Collect Read more

What are the delivery time frames? Read more

How do I know who will deliver my goods? Read more

Do you offer express delivery? Read more

Where is my order? Read more

How can I tell what my shipping costs will be? Read more

Can I order outside of Australia? Read more

Common problems

I can't find an item online that I saw in-store. Read more

The product I want is either sold out or stating insufflicient stock online. Read more

Can I make changes to the online order I recently placed? Read more

I haven't received my confirmation from Paypal? Read more

The status of my order hasn't changed. Read more

How do I return a product if I have changed my mind? Read more

Some of my items are out of stock Read more

How do I receive my tax invoice? Read more

Is your website supported across all browsers? Read more

I received part of my order Read more

Missing or Damaged Items? Read more

Order lost in transit? Read more

Customer service

Can I earn Flybuys points online? Read more

Can I use my Staff Discount Card online? Read more

Is it safe for me to enter my personal and financial information? Read more

What do I do if I have forgotten my password? Read more

What do I do if my account has been deactivated? Read more

28 day returns

There is something wrong with my items. Read more

What is your return policy? Read more

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