Spy Tales: The Case Of The Disappearing Cupcake

Posted on September 8th, 2016

The Sweet Tooth Thief has struck again. There were ten cupcakes left on the bench last night. Now there are only nine.

Secret message writer. $5

There are three suspects: Mum, Dad & my brother, Max.
To make sure they don’t find out I’m on the hunt, I’m writing down all my evidence in invisible ink using my secret message writer. I’m the only one with the light that makes the writing appear, so, if they find my case notes, they’ll just look like blank pieces of paper. Let’s do this.

Rear view glasses. $5

Suspect One: Dad
Dad’s been sneaking around the kitchen a lot lately. So, I’ll put on my rear view glasses and pretend to read a book. When dad comes downstairs, I’ll see him in the mirrors and catch him redhanded! Here he comes. Straight for the fridge... and straight past the cupcakes. Oh gross, he’s drinking milk from the carton!

Binoculars. $5

Suspect Two: Mum
I can see the kitchen counter from the couch if I use my binoculars. Here we go. There’s Mum looking at the cupcakes. She’s picked one up and… fixed up the icing and put it back down... She’s not a thief, she’s a perfectionist! Well, there’s only one culprit left…

Motion sensor. $5

Suspect Three: Max
Time to bring out the big guns. I’ve set up a motion sensor at the entrance of the kitchen so as soon as my brother Max steals one of the cupcakes; I can spring him as the Sweet Tooth Thief. I’m in position around the corner. Now we play the waiting game…

The sensor’s gone off – Max is in the kitchen! GOTCHA! Oh, it was Jack the dog the whole time.

Please note: The products featured in this story are available to purchase in store from 8th until 21st September 2016.