Delicious Party Ideas For A Nostalgic Hit!

Posted on November 1st, 2016

Whip up these delicious sweets at home for a fun nostalgia hit! Whether it’s candy floss or snow cones, there’s something for everyone
to enjoy — perfect for a carnival atmosphere in your own backyard.

Summer Snow
Spoil your inner child with this fun snow cone maker. This machine creates yummy snow cones in minutes, and it’s the perfect way to stay cool when the temperature heats up.

Snow cone maker $39

Frozen Delights
Go for a healthy sweet this holiday season with our frozen dessert maker. Build your own custom frozen dessert by adding your favourite fruit or yoghurt, for a sweet summer dessert that’s good for you.

Frozen desert maker $39

Delicious Drinks
Whether it’s a yummy juice or something a bit more creative, you can now enjoy your drinks frozen. Easy to operate, the frozen drink maker is ideal for backyard barbecues and warm summer evenings.

Frozen drink maker $39


Sweet Tooth
Make your next gathering even more festive with this yummy candy floss maker. Perfect for guests who have a sweet tooth, everyone will want to try making their own candy floss!

Candy floss maker $39


Please note: The products featured in this story are available to purchase in store from 1st November 2016 until sold out.