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6 Creative Christmas Tree Styling Tips

Posted on November 18, 2015

It’s the Christmas festive centerpiece, so make it striking with these styling tips and tricks…

1. Choose a tree theme
Traditional trees with evergreen branches and hanging red and white baubles are a classic hit. The kids will love a fun twist on the traditional evergreen tree, personalising it with their favourite festive characters, like snowmen, Santa and candy canes! For a stylish and contemporary spin, try a black tree with metallic gold and silver ornaments. And for an eye-catching and colourful centerpiece, a white tree with bright coloured baubles and a mix of shapes will light up the room. Try bright pinks, blues, silver and purple for pop!

2. Work with your space
Think proportionally when choosing and decorating your tree. A smaller tree works better in a small room than an oversized tree. Hang smaller ornaments or keep decorations minimal with just a few feature pieces. Similarly, larger trees can create big impact in large rooms. Try a six-foot tree in an open space, so there’s plenty of room for Santa’s presents.

3. Get creative with ornaments
Add hanging ornaments in a mix of materials, like clay dough, metal and baubles. For a lovely family tradition, let the kids choose a new ornament each year to add to the tree. They can customise the bauble by writing their name and the year on it with gold or silver permanent markers. Place the larger feature ornaments first then add the smaller pieces between.

4. Choose the right length lighting
Christmas lights really can bring the tree to life! Choose your lengths according to the tree size - if your length is too long, the excessive lighting may overwhelm the tree and all the pretty baubles and ornaments.

5. Mix up your lighting colours
Dress up the tree with LED lights. For a wintery feel, a white tree with contrasting 24 LED green tree shaped lights looks stunning. Multi-coloured bright string lighting wrapped around green trees are always a hit with the kids, or for a contemporary spin, try a black tree with some 24 LED white snowflake lights. There are loads of great festive shapes, colours and lengths to light up your entire home.

6. Top things off
Top the tree off with a silver and white shimmering star tree topper, a flashing tree topper or your favourite angel. Then turn off the house lights, and light up your tree for the festive season!

Please note: The products featured in this story are available to purchase in store from 19 November – 29 November 2015.