Parents Tell: “The Benefits Building & Construction Gives My Child”

Posted on March 17, 2016

Let the kids develop their imaginations, learn about the world and create masterpieces through building and construction play. Here, parents reveal some of the benefits for kids…

Parents Tell: ''The Benefits Building & Construction Gives My Child''

“There’s been many benefits of building and construction for my son, Pelle. It’s helped him develop his fine motor skills, through connecting blocks and assembling structures. He’s gained confidence in his ability to be a Masterbuilder, constructing things without using instructions. And he can be creative and use his imagination to build whatever he likes, without the concern of something being right or wrong. He goes through phases with his building. Sometimes he keeps playing with blocks over and over again, then the bricks are packed away for a while, and then he gets them out again with fresh ideas and enthusiasm!.” Tjarco, dad to Pelle, 7

“My daughter loves building and construction just as much as she loves playing with dolls and dressing up in fairy costumes – although the two play themes often overlap! She’s very imaginative, and gets deeply involved in role-play and fantasy themes. She separates her blocks into colours and creates pink stables for her unicorns to sleep in, purple castles for her fairies, which all have special powers and jobs to do, like cooking or feeding the unicorns! Building has helped her to learn to play independently as well as learning to share when her little cousin comes to visit. And it definitely enables her to bring her fantasy play to life with solid structures.” Brett, dad to Ava, 5

“My son has loved building and construction since he was a toddler. He started with the big Duplo blocks, sorting the colours and sizes and stacking them as high as they’d go until the structure collapsed! By age four, he was well into LEGO and smaller bricks, following the instructions to build small sets independently. It was amazing watching a four-year-old concentrate, follow steps, connect tiny pieces and problem solve when the set didn’t look identical to the picture! He’s seven now and I am always blown away by how much enjoyment he gets out of building and construction. He built a boat the other day out of leftover bricks with an anchor and a chain that winds up, and cannons that actually fire from the deck. And he has a whole set of mini figures which he’s painted intricate details on, like battle scars on the faces. His creativity and imagination is limitless and it’s definitely boosted his confidence to create things independently and feel proud of his work.” Graham, dad to Maxwell, 7

“The benefits build and construction give my son, Daniel, have been numerous. He has always loved playing with building blocks to create his own little worlds, spaceships, animals and trucks. Recently he built an interplanetary space station with a moon and rocket ship, which alien block monsters came to investigate! Building blocks have helped Daniel to use his imagination without boundaries, to problem solve, to follow instructions with attention to detail, and to be very careful not to break his works of art!” Josh, dad to Daniel, 7

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