Batman Vs Superman:
Who Do You Like Best? Kids Tell

Posted on March 31st, 2016

They’re two of the coolest superheroes in the world, but which one is your child’s favourite? As we counted down the days to the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, we asked some mini superheroes which hero they think comes out on top...

Batman Vs Superman

“Batman is the best! In the new movie he has this cool armour. I can’t wait to get the new LEGO sets and have battles! Batman is braver than Superman too. He has the coolest Batmobile and I like his suit more than Superman’s. Superman was born with his powers whereas Batman had to learn them and work hard to master them.” Maxwell, 7

“Superman, because he’s stronger.” Sarah, 6

“I like them both the same. I don’t have a favourite. They are both cool and have awesome powers and are strong.” Daniel, 7

“Superman is my favourite superhero because he is invincible except for kryptonite. He can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.” Kade, 10

“I like Superman better. Batman can’t even do laser eyes. Superman can destroy bad guys with his laser eyes and can run faster than trains. He also has better stomach muscles.” Chandler, 7

“I like Superman because he is stronger. He can lift a house and throw it at the bad guys. I like Batman just a little bit. He isn’t as strong as Superman. I like the blue Batman better than the black Batman.” Blake, 6

“I like dressing up as Batman in his black costume. He is better because he throws batarang weapons at the baddies. They are like boomerangs and they come back to him.” Joel, 6
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