3 Bonding Activities for Dad & Kids

Posted on August 24, 2015

3 Bonding Activities for Dad & Kids

Awesome ideas that both dads and the kids will want to do together…

Ready, set, go! These action packed ideas will skyrocket to the top of the ‘to do’ list and help create precious family memories together. Summon your inner child!

Slam & Dunk!
Have a ball together and get active at the same time! Shoot hoops with a mini basketball and teach the kids how to dribble, have a grand slam hit of tennis or take a spin on the bikes. Sports and fresh air activities can have a huge range of benefits, from the physical; teaching kids new techniques, to teamwork and even creating a little bit of healthy competition. Bonus! It’s as fun for the parents as it is the kids. .

Go Remote
Remote control, that is! Take flight and start the fun with a radio control helicopter. Teach the kids directional manoeuvrability, how to ascend and descend, balance and hone their hand-eye coordination skills as they navigate their flight path – and learn to take turns.

Fly, Flip & Roll
Just try and stop yourselves from having a blast with an awesome radio control nano quad! Choose your terrain, add a few obstacles for awesome flips before taking this quad to new heights! The kids will love learning to control the quad with its 360 degree manoeuvrability. The four wheel rock star can move left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards and even fly sidewards. Dad won’t be able to resist showing off his stunt tricks!

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