Inspired living lookbook

Find styling tips and inspiration in our latest homewares lookbook. Our three key trends can be styled in any room of the home. See what our Kmart influencers have to say about our latest range.


Go natural with clean lines, fresh decor and hints of greenery.


Artificial olive tree - $25

Style up

Update a bare wall or add some greener life into your bedroom for a fresh aesthetic with this artificial olive tree.

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Create a natural look by embracing raw materials, patterns and textures

Living room

Create contrast and depth by pairing natural materials, such as the industrial coffee table with the key colours like grey, muted lime, smoke blue and peach blush accented in layered cushions and decor throughout.

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Faux reindeer hide rug- $49

Style tip

Use a faux reindeer hide rug to add a plush, luxurious look to your living room décor.

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Refine your dining room with earthy materials in modern finishes such as our reactive glaze dinnerware styled with a wire fruit bowl, and mango board.

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Home office

Bold, sophisticated and distinctive home office furniture, supplies and stationery to inspire productivity and elevate your work space.

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Wire memo board – $8

Style up

The wire memo board is a unique organisational tool and the ideal vehicle for your creativity with the option to be a modern decorative display.

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